Life Celebration Services

Life Celebration with Callahan-Fay Brothers-Caswell Funeral Homes

Our lives are made up of moments that become memories. Our family and friends inspire us to live everyday to the fullest. When the time comes to remember our loved ones, we have a duty to honor and celebrate their life, remembering all of the wonderful moments and people that made their life meaningful. At our funeral homes, we do not focus on the end, but instead the entire path of life; that is something to celebrate!

Through photographs and personal memorabilia, we create one-of-a-kind Life Celebration services transforming traditional funerals into remarkable experiences. We have made a commitment to provide Worcester and the surrounding communities with these services.


Our Exclusive Family Guide

We believe that every life deserves to be honored and celebrated. It is our duty to share stories for a final time. We encourage our client families to help us co-create these memorable tributes; you will find that walking back down the path of your loved one’s life becomes a healing exercise.

The Family Guide is the primary tool we give our families to begin the story sharing. Download our Family Guide to see how we get to know more about you and your loved one. After you complete the guide, we will do the rest to provide and exceptional experience.


Download your Family Guide to create a meaningful Life Celebration.